BLOCKFREI is an independent cultural organization established in Vienna in 2013. It is conceived as a platform for innovative cultural praxis, with the goal to support the cooperation between cultural groups from Austria and South-Eastern Europe. Such an interaction can increase the visibility of cultural variety present in Austria today, where ethnic groups from the mentioned region form a significant part of the society. At the same time, this type of projects can emphasize the benefits this diversity has for the society.

BLOCKFREI embodies the concept of mobility of artists and cultural professionals, strongly believing that multicultural projects are of the highest importance and inevitability in global cultural and geopolitical sphere. BLOCKFREI stands for the principles of multicultural, free and open society and respect for different identities where critical discourse, freedom of thought and progressive ideas manifested through direct engagement and action consequently endorse the aforementioned values.

The Association for Culture and Art CRVENA was founded on the 8th of March 2010 in Sarajevo. 

Founders of CRVENA are artists, musicians, curators, architects, engineers, cooks, economists, journalists, human rights and cultural workers, workers and activists. Crvena is membership-based organization with over 40 members, founded around principles and the critical potential of feminist politics. Our work is dedicated to the betterment of the society through activist and artistic engagement with relations of oppression, domination and violence over woman and man and concerned with the issue of building communities of critique, of action, of self-defense. Crvena aims to create supportive and sustainable environment for productive interaction of individuals and groups committed to same principles of the organization of work and society. Through this bringing together we seek to initiate, develop and maintain a culture of sharing, collaboration and participation in communal and public matters of all members of the society and community.

BIJELI VAL was established 1997 in Zagreb and is registered as a non-profit organization. Being one of the first cultural-activist NGO-s in Croatia, BIJELI VAL Organization has been promoting, through its various independent activities, open, democratic and pluralized debates and viewpoints as well as community empowerment. It has been helping the development of the civil society structures at the grass-root level as well as assisting the democratization processes of the late 1990s and in the 2000s.

Organization includes the following, disciplinary broad and diverse, yet always innovative and socially conscious activities such as Subversive film festival.

Association KROKODIL from Belgrade, Serbia, (founded in 2009) is dedicated to production of literary, cultural and sociopolitical projects with the aim of developing literary audiences, promotion of the culture of dialogue, reconstruction of the broken links in the Balkans, but also in deepening of the mutual understanding and the acceptance of differences in Europe.

Festival KROKODIL is one of the most distinguished literary events in the region: 8 main summer literary festivals, and 12 traveling editions in 7 countries, with more than 200 authors.

KROKODIL launched WRITER-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM in 2012. It hosted more than 50 authors from 18 European countries. Through this activity association attempts to intensify and sustain cultural communication with both immediate surroundings, as well as with the European countries.

In 2013 KROKODIL established the festival of writing and illustration for children “KROKODOKODIL” to engage youngest audiences and actively participate in audience development.