About Europoly

Series of regional conferences EUROPOLY is a multidisciplinary project realized in collaboration with four independent organisations, Bijeli val (Croatia), Krokodil (Serbia), Crvena (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and BLOCKFREI (Austria).

It deals with topic of migrations, primarily from the area of South-Eastern Europe to the countries of Central and West Europe – starting from the big wave of economic migrants (so-called gastarbeiters) in the 1960s and 1970s to the tens of thousands war refugees during the 1990s, anti-provincial departures of the young people mostly to world metropolises, constant brain drain, as well as the latest refugee crisis that is moving through the Balkans towards European countries.

Intention of the project is to research and map the intense social, cultural and artistic influence which this lenghty wave of migrations left on the countries of the Western Balkans, as well as the countries that mostly represented final migrant destination. Panel discussions, exhibition program and film screenings will be held during 2017 in four cities: Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Vienna. The framework and starting point of the project is EUROPOLY – The European Union Identity Trading Game, art installation by the Serbian/Austrian artist Dejan Kaludjerović, which will be exhibited in all four cities.